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H.H. Drikung Kyabgon Thinley Lhundup

COVID 19 - Impermanence


It was on this day of April 11, 2020, world media announced that one hundred thousand people had already perished due to the worldwide spread of epidemic so called (COVID-19).
The people of this planet were stunned and shocked. It was something unprecedented, unheard of in their lifetime.
The princes of England was struck by this epidemic, the prime minister had to undergo a treatment. The president of America, Donald Trump was intimidated and subdued. Several famous people were put in coffins. At this juncture of time everyone was worried, stunned disbelief, it was an urgent wakeup call with huge drum beat, the pain of impermanence and loss can be a profound reminder of what it means to exist.

Generally, impermanence is just like shadow of your body under the sunlight in your day to day life, but due to self-cherishing, completely engrossed with self-comforting attitude, people tend to forget or rather ignore the reality of life and death. They are unaware of the fact that death is certain. The younger ones, in particular, are obsessed with glossy, sparkly cosmetic objects, that which even caused them sleepless nights.

To-day, because of this epidemic regardless of old or young, poor or rich, powerful or infamous, everyone learnt a good lesson on impermanence. Because of this epidemic, lot of changes occurred in the field of world’s social economics, political and military activities, and cultural events. Apparently, changes disturbed the day-to-day livelihood of common people. Particularly, people not only learnt the definition of the term
impermanence, they have been able to experience in life the real meaning of impermanence of existence, and how changes occurred instantly.

So today we are learning the meaning of impermanence by experiencing it in life.
About three months ago, you might have planned several projects, life events, they all gone in vain by now and your plans for the future are also doubtful and uncertain. You are hesitant to decide. Broadly speaking, this is an introduction to impermanence in real life situation.

Whatever religion you follow it is utmost important to cultivate impermanence in our conscious mind, which will help you to face many life adversities in a balanced manner. Since we are living in this Samsaric world, it is natural that we will face many obstacles, with the positive attitude, we will tolerate and take it as it comes, and knowing that everything existed are impermanent. Since we know the nature of the Samsaric existence we will not suffer from severe anxiety and shock when we face misfortunes, (birth, old age, sickness and death).

Once, an old German who was more than eighty years old, educated and wealthy businessman told me, ‘’ I don’t understand what is the life, would you please explain it to me?’’. At that time moment I did not have an appropriate answer. This reminded me of a Tibetan country expression which goes, ‘’A light rub on old man’s cheek is as unbeneficial as treating a saddle sore of an old and unserviceable horse’’. The implication of the saying was clarified by the Great Nagarjuna. ‘’It was surprise to know that human life was totally on the basis of breathing in and out, day and night’’. Again as per an old astrologer, life and death is dependent on the breathing, at the door of nostril. To be precise inhale and exhale in a conducive environment and at the right time is a life of human. That is called living and life. According to Zoe (treasures) writings of Vasubandhu, 5th century Indian master, life is living on air heat combined with soul.

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H.H. the Drikung Kyabgon Chetsang


Translated by Rigga Dorjee.


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