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March, 10, 2020

All Drikung Kagyu monasteries, centers, monastic and Late disciples, as outbreaks of coronoviruses (COVID-19) are spreading worldwide, I have this opportunity to ask all Drikung Kagyu monasteries, centers, and more. To practice disciples daily and recite their mantra on daily basis. Dakini Paranaswari is the supreme mother of all Buddhas. She appears in this form to pacify diseases. Some time ago, I released the mini-Sadhana of Dakini Parnashwari. Today, I want to share with you through this new creation of Dakini Paranaswari from the collection of Kabopa Jigton Sumgan. Even the verses in this work are quotes of his writings. If you want to know more about the Kalash Sadhana of Dakini Paranashwari, you can also search in the collection of Kyobpa Jigten Sumgan. I request that this Sadhana be translated into as many languages ​​as possible so that it can spread far and wide. This practice requires everyone to practice with love and compassion. I pray that this practice will quickly overcome all the negative deeds and obstacles of both the deceased and the living and will quickly establish them in enlightenment.

Konchok Tenzin Kunzang Thinley Lhundup, better known as Gyalwa Drikungpa, on the 16th day of the first Tibetan month of the Iron Mouse Escondido, USA.

It is good to recite the short Parnashavari Practice. This was taken from the collected works of Drikung Kyabgon Jigten Sumgon.

parnashavari lineage

Praise in Verses to the Goddess Who Eliminates All Diseases (Parnashavari)

 Out of the mandala of dharmakaya‘s great bliss
You protect aganinst dangerous diseases like epidermics
And aganinst untimely death –
I pay homage to you, the mother of wishfulfilling activities.

You, golden-colored Parnashavari, sit on a lotus seat,
Your main face is yellow, the right one blue, and the left one white
Your hair is bound up in a topknot, and you are full of splendor –
I pay homage to the devine body of the goddess granting accomplishments.

You, Illustrious One, are the embodiment of wisdom and compassion,
You stand in the midst of masses of fire, burning like at the end of time.
With your three faces and six arms, you look terribly wrathful –
I pay homage to you, whose one leg is streched and the other bend.

You, who wears a robe of leaves, hold bow and arrow.
Battle ax, and a bunch of branches.
Parnashavari, you show the threatening mudra and hold a vajra –
I pay homage to you, great mother, protectress of beings.


By this virtue, may I swiftly accomplish Parnashavari and establish all beings withous exception in her state.

This was taken from the collected works of Drikung Kyabgon Jigten.


→ → Long Version of the Parnashavari Sadhana (PDF english)



garchen micro


H.E. Garchen Rinpoche


It doesn’t matter whether one calls oneself a Buddhist or not a Buddhist. The Dharma is love.

When you see how your love touches others, it will become your happiness to give your happiness away.

Love is the only cause of happiness. Its nature is all-pervasive like space.

Love is the sunlight of the mind.



H.E.Garchen Rinpoche has finished his retreat and sends us this message:



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