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Personal Retreat

If you would like to spend some contemplative down-time or do a short retreat, you can do so in the Milarepa Retreat Centre. You can for instance, do a personal retreat in accordance with your own spiritual tradition; this can be silent meditation or a deepening of your personal sadhana. Upon request, these personal retreats can be discussed with the retreat master Drubpön Rachel Dodds and planned and carried out under her guidance.

But you also have the option to simply take some down-time and reflect in tranquillity and stillness on questions and decisions that are of importance on your personal life path at this time.

According to your wishes, you can carry out your meditations in your retreat room or in the meditation hall, which is equipped with meditation cushions and chairs and invites one to turn inward.

New prices valid from 01.01.2017

Achi House:
1. week: 50,-€
2. week: 40,-€
3. week: 30,-€
4. week: 25,-€

Milarepa House with kitchen corner (3 rooms):
1. week: 32,-€
2. week: 25,-€
3. week: 25,-€
4. week: 22,-€

Milarepa House without kitchen corner (8 rooms):
1. week: 30,-€
2. week: 23,-€
3. week: 23,-€
4. week: 21,-€

Chenresig House:
1. week: 60,-€
2. week: 50,-€
3. week: 40,-€
4. week: 38,-€

Jigten Sumgön House:
1. week: 45,-€
2. week: 40,-€
3. week: 35,-€

Site Caravan with pantry-kitchen (100% organic construction insulated with sheepwool).
(not available from November to March. Depending on weather conditions from March on).
1. week: 30,-€
2. week: 25,-€
3. week: 25,-€
4. week: 22,-€

Retreathut (Pod)
1. week: 40,-€
2. week: 35,-€
3. week: 30,-€
4. week: 25,-€

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Spring 2020

Perfect time for personal retreats

Upon the advice of the Robert-Koch-Institute and the Goverment, all private retreats have been cancelled for the time being.

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Renting for your seminar

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