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  • Ecological reed sewage treatment plant
  • A composting plant, which is maintained all year round
  • Provide the forest with deadwood so that fungi and insects can flourish
  • Year-round food supply for birds – (20 nesting boxes have been set up)
  • When the barn is finished, it will have an owl hole in the gable with a nesting box behind it
  • The meadows is left un-mown until the dandelions have finished flowering (bee meadow)
  • A bumblebee box has been set up
  • Rain gutters have been opened to return the rainwater to nature
    Rain barrels are being set up at the barn to water the meadow orchard (also a green project)
    Maintaining the new afforestation, which is completely based on biodiversity rules (in the front area with hawthorn, dogwood, wild rose with its rose hips, etc.)
  • No use of toxins
  • Food 70% organic (will be increased)
  • Cooperation with an organic health food suppliers, which supports local farmers
  • Food leftovers are collected and brought to the biogas plant; food remains are collected in the composter
  • The lighting in the outdoor area is completely made up of LED lights, which do not shine into the distance, so that no insects are drawn in from far away and die

  Video "We welcome you to a short tour, introducing some of the environmental activities"



Planned: Litter Clean-Up Campaign

Doing little things can make a big difference!

- This activity is simple to do, easily workable and can be done at any time
- Each and every one of us can help
- For the benefit of all sentient beings (protecting animals, water and nature)
- Every bending down is an act of devotion to the earth
  (We live on sacred ground)
- When we cleanse the earth, we cleanse ourselves
  (All things are interconnected)
- This activity raises awareness about both the waste we ourselves produce every day and that we encounter around us
  (There's no such thing as my rubbish or your rubbish. Rubbish concerns us all)
- Only together (Sangha), through community spirit and teamwork can we pull this off

On a weekend with regular rotation (spring, summer and autumn) - date to be announced.
Where: MRC- from there, we're off to the area to be covered
We will distribute: Gloves, rubbish bags, high-visibility vests and possibly a map with a section of road marked.
Time: 9:00 AM
Duration: 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Conclusion: Lunch together

Bring a high-visibility vest (from your car, if you have one), sturdy shoes, rain gear.

Are you interested? Please sign up here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Information from the Center regarding the Corona Virus (Sars-CoV-2)

The center is closed until further notice due to the Corona epidemic.



Renting meditation rooms

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